The Donation Ceremony was Held on the 66th Anniversary of the University

Announcer:Chen Sisi Photo:Cai Erxuan Translator (Intern):Li TianruRelease time:2019-10-29Views:10

On the morning of October 26th, the donation ceremony of Gathering Water into Lake Public Welfare fund project of the University Education Foundation was held in conference room A412, Teaching and Research Building.

Xu Jinshou, vice President of the University Education Foundation, attended this ceremony with head of Propaganda?Department, Social Cooperation Office, Students’ Affairs Office, Youth League Committee, Zhejiang Institute of Water Culture and the representatives of teachers and students. He Zhixiang, Director of Social Cooperation Office and Secretary General of University Education Foundation, presided over the ceremony.

Lu Yifeng, who introduced the operation planning and significance of Gathering Water into Lake Public Welfare fund project, attended the ceremony on behalf of the donor and alumnus Hu Jiayang.

Xu Jinshou, on behalf of the university, accepted the donation from alumni Hu Jiayang and expressed his thanks to alumni Hu Jiayang and his representative Lu Yifeng. He said that the university cooperated with alumni Hu Jiayang to establish a fund project focusing on the rehabilitation of autistic children, which is not only an important carrier for the university to give back to the society, but also has a positive impact on the education of teachers and students. Moreover, the university will implement the follow-up work of the project as soon as possible.

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