The University Held a?Symposium for 2019 Freshmen

Announcer:Wang Yang Translator (Intern): Li TianruRelease time:2019-10-18Views:11

On the afternoon of October 16, the symposium for 2019 freshmen was held in the conference room A407 of Building of Teaching and Scientific Research. Wu Xiaoying, deputy Party vice secretary of the university, attended the meeting and made a speech. Heads of relevant functional departments attended the meeting as well.

Thirty-six freshmen from the secondary colleges spoke in turn, talking about their experiences and feelings since they entered the university one month ago. They all expressed that they should keep up their spirits. They also put forward their opinions and suggestions on the teaching, management and service of the university. The heads of related functional departments communicated and answered the questions raised by the students.

Wu Xiaoying stressed that the enrollment of the class of 2019 coincides with the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China and the assessment of conformity of university. It is a glorious and significant mission. She hoped that each student will establish a sense of ownership, further improve their understanding, boost their spirits and standardize their behaviors, and welcome the arrival of the assessment of conformity. She also stressed that the university will, as always, create a better learning and living environment, build more development platforms, and promote the development and progress of all students. 

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