University Leader Shi Yongan Visited Yunhe County for investigation

Announcer:Xu TaoRelease time:2019-08-23Views:27

In late August, Shi Yongan went to Sanmen Village, Yunhe County to conduct investigations and visit cadres.

During the investigation, the leader of Yunhe County introduced the basic situation and the planning of the modern orchard in Sanmen Village, and expressed gratitude to the university for the assistance. They introduced the overall situation, and highly appreciated Xu Aiwei’s diligence, effectiveness in working.

On behalf of the university, Shi Yongan appreciated the Government of Yunhe County for their concern and support for poverty alleviation work and cadres. He encouraged the cadres to work hard to train their skills and serve the localities. They should continue to focus on the goals and solve the difficulties in the work, and carry out targeted work. 

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